Joseph Carmichael has spent the past several years collecting an impressive resume in the world of traditional music on guitar.

An in-demand accompanist in a wide array of Celtic and folk styles, he has performed with such musicians as Brendan Power, Cormac De Barra, Buddy Connolly, Oisín MacDiarmada, James Kelly, Liz Carroll, John Williams and Brian Finnegan.

Joseph’s primary project for several years, folk trio Flashpoint, has recorded one full album and one EP, and has opened for bands such as FullSet and the legendary Solas before going on hiatus in 2016. He has been a regular member with singer/songwriter, Ashley Davis, and toured with multiple award-winning and 2014 Glenfiddich Fiddle Champion, Mari Black.

Joseph has also completed three tours with internationally acclaimed musicians, Hanz Araki and Colleen Raney, as well as a special performance in Cavan with Gregory and Alex Grene of the Prodigals, as part of The Gathering in 2013.

More recently, Joseph has joined forces with Austin musicians Chris Buckley, Rob Forkner and Niamh Fahy as The Here & Now, and has recorded two full-length albums with the group.



Heather Carmichael’s background starts when she was 6 years old and began taking piano lessons. Soon after, she began taking voice lessons and sang in the children’s choir at church.

When she was 10, Heather met a husband and wife musical duo who played harp and flute. She was mesmerized by the sounds made by both instruments, and quickly decided she must play them both! The harpist let Heather sit down at her harp to strum and pluck a few strings, which was the beginning of a deep love for that instrument which has carried on for years.

The next year Heather began playing the flute, and many years later decided it was time to get a harp. Heather got her first harp when she was 17, and was self-taught for 6 months before she began taking lessons in orchestral, classical, and wedding music. Soon after her lessons began, Heather’s teacher had her begin playing wedding music with a cellist.

Now her primary focus is in Celtic music, but she still enjoys playing orchestral music occasionally, and playing for weddings and other various events. She has been playing with her friend, Karen Ballew since October 2013. She and Karen now perform together under the name The Harpers Two.


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