New Year, New Things Happening!


So as you all must know, we the Chordmichaels have a passion for music. Whether it’s listening to it, performing, or even composing/arranging, music is a huge part of our lives; especially folk music.

However, one thing we have noticed is the lack of a “proper” listening venue for folk music in the DFW area. It seems that most venues for folk music are pubs, which tend to be a bit noisy and are more about the drinking and socializing than the music. It also tends to be a lot of Celtic and country music, but not much else. We want to change that.

So within the next 3-4 years, we are hoping to open Chordmichael’s – A folk music venue in North Texas, dedicated to bringing quality folk music to DFW.

There are so many wonderful varieties of folk music out there, such as Icelandic, Bulgarian, Scandinavian, etc.
We want to give those somewhat overlooked “genres” a chance to be heard and appreciated.

So over the next several months and years, we’ll be posting more about our plans for our space, and how it’s coming together.

Happy New Year, everyone!
-The Chordmichaels

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